A bit remiss

I’m a couple of weeks behind on updates due to a combination of life events and the holidays. I hope to address this in the next couple of days. Of course, this morning I actually get a train car with a table, and don’t have my books with me to finish up a character for High Fantasy.

I’ve had a couple of Kickstarters deliver in the last couple of weeks, so I think I will take a break from old school games for a bit and make characters for some of these new arrivals. So, in the next couple of updates I hope to do entries for Cavaliers of Mars, SIGMATA, and possibly Ebonclad.

My holiday break is also approaching. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get enough people that I can run one or more one-shots, or possibly a game of Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Additionally, it would be nice to maybe get my Starfinder game going again.