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A bit remiss

I’m a couple of weeks behind on updates due to a combination of life events and the holidays. I hope to address this in the next couple of days. Of course, this morning I actually get a train car with a table, and don’t have my books with me to finish up a character for High Fantasy.

I’ve had a couple of Kickstarters deliver in the last couple of weeks, so I think I will take a break from old school games for a bit and make characters for some of these new arrivals. So, in the next couple of updates I hope to do entries for Cavaliers of Mars, SIGMATA, and possibly Ebonclad.

My holiday break is also approaching. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get enough people that I can run one or more one-shots, or possibly a game of Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Additionally, it would be nice to maybe get my Starfinder game going again.

So, A Question…

How important are the actual character sheets? So far, the games I’ve done have been relatively simple and so actual character sheets haven’t been necessary. As I move on to more complicated game systems for character generation, I’m not sure that will remain true.

I have a couple of options:

  • Hand fill out character sheet, and scan.
  • Scan character sheets, attempt to make them form fillable in Acrobat.
  • Get creative with a text editor and/or the WordPress editor.
  • Or, you know, just say fuck it and keep doing what I’m doing now.



I have a couple of options for next week’s character. If I keep trying to do things somewhat chronological, there are a few options.

  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – I’d rather let that sit fallow for a bit.
  • SPI’s Dragonquest
  • FGU’s Villains & Vigilantes (1st or 2nd)
  • FGU’s Space Opera
  • Gamma World
  • Top Secret

If you have an opinion, please comment.

What’s been going on…

I had some life get in the way of things, including keeping this site updated. Suffice to say, it’s not necessarily finished yet, but we won’t know for sure until November at the earliest. So, in the meanwhile, I tossed an idea out that might keep me updating this thing more regularly both to my Facebook followers, and my tumblr and there seemed to be enough interest…

The idea, such as it is, is that I have a rather large RPG collection that I have amassed over my 40+ years of gaming… yeah, I don’t like thinking about it that way either, but the idea is take a game off the shelf each week and make a character for it, and then discuss  this process, pros & cons, ideas, etc.

Ultimately, I also want to collect these in a wiki for archival purposes, but that can wait until after I get started. I’ll aim for the first post by this weekend. First up will likely be Basic D&D, since that’s where I first got into tabletop RPGs to begin with.

If you have suggestions, AND I own that game, I’ll prioritize those first. Please make these suggestions in comments. Some games will prove more complicated than other… *cough* Powers & Perils *cough*.

Also, if I am able to find software tools to facilitate charatcer gen, I’ll break that out as well.

Starting new job

So, I am starting a new job as of today. I hope to keep updating this thing at least once a week. I have a few things to post on, AND I think I have an idea for the start of a Starfinder game, maybe for over the holidays.

Ideas for Upcoming Posts

So, I am throwing around some ideas for upcoming posts, seeing as how I’m not currently running anything.

  • Get back to more coverage of Starfinder… how it differs from Pathfinder, media inspiration, and maybe some example characters.
  • Short reviews for games that I have acquired recently. The short list of these at the moment would be: Mighty Protectors: Villains & Vigilantes 3.0, the current Conan RPG, Mercenary Planet, the Schlock Mercenary RPG, Blue Rose (AGE), 7th Sea 2nd, and Coriolis.
  • One idea I had long ago was to write up a character for every RPG I know. That’s obviously a long term project and would likely require that I find a way to host a wiki, or find a wiki service.
  • Then there’s the game ideas I have, but some of that would result in giving away spoilers for my potential players.
  • Some sort of Tabletop tool review. Last year at Dundracon, Ken Hite expressed the opinion that we’re sort of living in a new golden age of RPGs. That the cost barrier to entry has dropped low enough that we’re seeing all sorts of new and different things. It occurred to me that the same could be said of tools for tabletop gaming as well. Software, etc. I wish I had the bonafides to lead a seminar at Dundracon on this.

So far I have only seen comments from two people, so I’m not entirely sure what my audience is. Yes, I know I need to find a way to promote this more so that the audience issue is no longer true. That said, what, if anything is of interest?

Why is this here?

So, I’ve decided to get off my ass and get some of my thoughts regarding tabletop gaming (and some related interests of mine) down in some form other than gray matter. Gray matter is great, but difficult to distribute to others in an accessible format. If you’re reading this, you either got really lucky entering a URL or you’re someone I’ve given this link to. Eventually, some time after this Memorial Day weekend most  likely, I will open this up to the world. Until then, and likely afterwards, feedback is most welcome.

— Clyde Lee Graham